11 Jul 2016

More talk needed for young Pacific democracies

12:06 pm on 11 July 2016

The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association said young democracies like those in the Pacific need consistent support to help them follow the rule of law.

The association represents 180 legislatures with a primary focus on bringing parliamentary staff together to discuss the difficulties facing democracy.

Its secretary general, Akbar Khan is meeting with Pacific region branches at a parliamentary conference in Tonga this week.

He said Pacific parliaments face a range of challenges and the best solution was discussion.

"We don't want a talk fest, nobody wants a talkfest, but you do need those conversations to understand why we are where we are before we can make progress on addressing the underlying causes."

Akbar Khan said the Association has a code of conduct for parliamentarians to rely upon and holds workshops on best practice.

The Secretary General of the CPA, Akbar Khan.

The Secretary General of the CPA, Akbar Khan. Photo: RNZ/Koroi Hawkins