Deadly landslip and flooding in PNG's Oro province

1:24 pm on 1 July 2016

A three-year-old girl is confirmed to have died and two people are reported missing after a landslip in Kokoda in Papua New Guinea earlier this week.

Washed out creek bed in Oro Province.

Washed out creek bed in Oro Province. Photo: Facebook -Voice of Change Oro

Heturu Creek, which flows down from Mt Haila in the Kokoda Plains, flooded with mud and clay, washing away several people from one family.

The flooding and resulting landslip followed recent heavy rains.

Oro Province's Disaster Management Unit is assessing the situation.

Governor Gary Juffa, who was to visit the area, said he had instructed the Oro provincial administration to advise on the state of welfare of the people so assistance can be arranged.

The Post Courier reports Mr Juffa saying the flood also caused the Kamundu Bridge to be washed out, leaving debris and mud along the Kokoda Highway.

He said provincial health officers will also be sent immediately to assess the drinking water and other related issues to ensure water borne diseases are avoided.

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