20 Jun 2016

Calls for proper drainage in Nuku'alofa after floods

5:48 am on 20 June 2016

There are calls for the construction of a proper drainage system in Tonga after heavy rains last week caused flooding in the capital Nuku'alofa.

Nuku'alofa harbour, Tonga.

Nuku'alofa harbour, Tonga. Photo: AFP

More than 350 people in the capital are understood to have been affected with some families being moved to evacuation centres.

The Director of the National Emergency Management Office, Leveni 'Aho said flooding is a chronic problem for low-lying areas in Nuku'alofa, most parts of which are less than a metre above sea level.

"The normal practice here if there is heavy rain we just sit there and wait but now because we are looking also to some long term solution which is not an easy answer we are talking here about multi millions investment in trying to get drainage for these low lying areas."