10 dead in PNG clashes sparked by can of fizzy drink

11:59 am on 24 May 2016

A fight started by a high school student in Papua New Guinea over the price of a can of soft drink sparked a series of clashes that killed 10 people and cost the local government thousands of dollars.

The Post Courier reports the fight started on the 26th of April following an argument between a group of students from Markham Valley Secondary School and a roadside vendor over the price of cola.

The argument gradually drew in the rest of the community in Morobe Province which sparked clashes that killed 10 people.

Last Thursday, Markham MP Paul Isikiel held a reconciliation ceremony to repatriate the bodies to their home village, and contributed US$46,000, 100 bags of rice, five pigs, five cows, and 10 cartons of beef steak in an effort to make peace.

On top of that, the local government spent US$187,000 on police and other logistics to try and stop the fights and clean up the area.