7 Apr 2016

Overseas experts lead inquiry into fatal Samoa tank fire

7:33 pm on 7 April 2016

Samoa's police and fire officials, along with experts from overseas, have been investigating an oil tank explosion on Monday which claimed one life.

Tank on fire in Apia

Tank on fire in Apia Photo: RNZI Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia

The dead man and another injured in the explosion were employees of Petroleum Products Services.

The company has confirmed the explosion happened when the men were welding the stairway rails for the tank.

The fire commissioner, Lelevaga Faafouina Mupo, said a report from the investigation will include a proposal to the government for better equipment.

He said fire trucks with the latest gear to fight fuel explosions, extension ladders and a jet nozzle were desperately needed.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment's chief executive, Suluimalo Amataga Penaia, said the company could face a penalty if the investigation shows any fault on their side.