Former CNMI police deputy chief jailed

3:05 pm on 31 March 2016
CNMI police car

CNMI police car Photo: Supplied

A former Northern Marianas Department of Public Safety Deputy Commissioner, Ambrosio Ogumoro, has been jailed for one year.

Last January, Ogumoro was found guilty of five counts of misconduct in public office, one count of obstructing justice, interference with a law enforcement officer or witness, and one count of criminal coercion.

Ogumoro has also been fined.

The convictions relate to Ogumoro helping a former attorney general, Edward Buckingham, flee the territory and evade criminal charges.

The special prosecutor George Lloyd Hasselback had argued that permitting any leniency for Ogumoro because he was just following orders would be an odious disregard of the personal responsibility on which the entire system of criminal jurisprudence rests.