29 Feb 2016

American Samoa's Manu'a islands to get a bank again

8:29 am on 29 February 2016

The Australian bank, ANZ, is moving to re-establish limited banking services in American Samoa's Manu'a islands.

ANZ Amerika Samoa Bank terminated its service in the Manu'as several years ago, forcing residents and businesses there to either fly to the main island, Tutuila, or use relatives to do their banking.

Manu'a does not have any ATM machines.

The bank's acting country manager, Sean Stratton, told a House committee in Pago Pago the cost of providing services in remote areas like Manu'a was prohibitive.

But he said the bank was looking to re-introduce some eftpos terminals in some parts of the island group that would provide customers with the ability to make cash transactions.

Sign for ANZ Bank

Photo: RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrelly