PNG police misconduct to be held to account

12:30 pm on 22 February 2016
Papua New Guinea police officers marching in a parade

Papua New Guinea police officers marching in a parade Photo: Supplied

The director of the internal affairs directorate within the Papua New Guinea police says staff are going to be held accountable for any bad behaviour.

Earlier this year the Police Commissioner Gari Baki declared 2016 as the year of discipline.

The head of internal affairs, Robert Ali says, they are taking a serious view on any kind of ill-discipline, including staff who don't adhere to the dress code.

He says they will also made random visits on police stations and if they find anyone is being held after 24 hours without being charged, they will demand answers.

Mr Ali says a poor public image has necessitated the approach.

"That's why we're going out and try to make sure that we turn this perception around in our favour. We appreciate that and I think probably many of my commissioners that I've been speaking to over the weeks, they're well aware of that, that the public perception is very very low. We've been emphasizing on them to turn this around."

Robert Ali says allegations against the police will also be investigated in a timely manner.

A series of workshops are being held throughout the country to educate police on the new hardline.