18 Feb 2016

Engagement of men needed for Pacific sexual health

10:26 am on 18 February 2016

A new report says engagement of males will improve sexual and reproductive health in the region, including combatting high rates of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

The New Zealand Parliamentarians' Group on Population and Development, after hearing submissions from across the region last year, has released 14 recommendations on how sexual health in the Pacific could be improved.

They include developing antenatal classes for expectant fathers, developing national policy frameworks that support men's sexual education and forming a Pacific parliamentary group on population and development.

The NZPPD chair, Barbara Kuriger, said men being more involved in sexual health is important.

"We heard from quite a few men and boys that had no where to go or were shy about asking for advice or embarrassed about coming forward. And so the recommendations are we look at ways of getting those groups to interact."