15 Feb 2016

Malekula coconuts sustain Vanuatu capital

2:00 pm on 15 February 2016

Vanuatu's Department of Cooperatives has more than 45,000 fresh dry coconuts available from a cooperative farm in Malekula for sale in Port Vila and around Efate.

The director of co-operatives Ridley Joseph says this is the second shipment and sells for about US$10 dollars a bag.

Each bag has about 34 nuts inside.

Coconuts pile on a yard ready for processing.

Photo: WikiCommons

Mr Joseph says the Malekula co-operative will continue to supply Port Vila with dry nuts until the Cyclone Pam-devastated coconut plantations on Efate return to production.

Mr Joseph says dry coconut is a healthy agricultural product which adds nutrition to foodstuffs in the absence of vegetables.