8 Feb 2016

Sport: TASANOC says its financial concerns have been resolved

12:02 pm on 8 February 2016

The Tonga Amateur Sports Association and National Olympic Committee says claims the organisation is broke and dysfunctional are all a misunderstanding.

Tonga's Prime Minister, 'Akilisi Pohiva, told the national parliament last week the government had lost faith in the operations of TASANOC, because it had no money and was unable to function properly.

He said the organisation was unable to pay its electric and water bills, staff salaries or any of its debts.

The President of TASANOC, Lady Robyn Tu'ivakano, said the organisation was in overdraft and did ask the government for funds three months in advance to cover their bills, after the Oceania National Olympic Committee withheld financial support last year, but it has since been resolved.

"Right now we've revised our constitution. The tap is already open from ONOC because they just withheld our funds and it's now going. It was because we had not acquitted to some funds that was released and every fund has to be accountable and acquitted for and that was long overdue."

Lady Tu'ivakano said TASANOC was never bankrupt because they operate under the wing of the International Olympic Committee, who provides funding for all operation of its member countries.