5 Feb 2016

NZ renews grant to the Pacific's regional university

1:58 pm on 5 February 2016

New Zealand has renewed its grant to the University of the South Pacific, allocating it US$9 million dollars over the next three years.

It is the same grant as for the previous three year period.

New Zealand's high commissioner to Fiji Mark Ramsden said the aid is part of New Zealand's core commitment to see the regional university continue to succeed and strengthen.

He said it will be exciting looking forward to the 50th anniversary in 2018 and to see how the relationship between the USP and New Zealand can be taken to the next level.

Mr Ramsden said multi-year funding arrangements are extremely result-focused and the USP has over the years shown it can meet and deliver on strategic objectives.

New Zealand was involved in getting the university started in 1968.