4 Feb 2016

Niue broadcasting chief defends programming

8:25 am on 4 February 2016

Niue's public broadcaster is defending itself after the island's MPs criticised the quality of programming.

The Niue cabinet is being called on to take action over what MPs said were excessive repeats and a lack of diversity in the programming on the Broadcasting Commission of Niue television and radio links.

There is a widespread desire on the island for change according to MP Terry Coe.

But the manager of BCN, Trevor Tiakia, said the criticism is unfair and resources determine what they can do.

"It is happening everywhere else. There are repeats. We just don't have the financial resources to buy programming from distributors. It is just too expensive for us and hence there are repeats throughout the year."

Trevor Tiakia says BCN will bring in digital television later this month which they hope will provide another alternative for their viewers, though they are still to secure broadcasting rights.

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Photo: RNZ