5 Jan 2016

Fiji officials to assist villagers affected by Cyclone Ula

10:33 am on 5 January 2016

The Fiji government is to deploy a team of officials this week to assist villagers affected by Tropical Cyclone Ula in the Southern Lau group of islands.

Initial reports from Fiji's Lau group say Cyclone Ula has caused no major damage, after hitting northern Tonga on Saturday.

The Disaster Management Office says reports from Ono-i-Lau and Kabara say there were no casualties and no significant structural damage, but some corrugated iron roofs were blown away.

The Fiji Times reports the NDMO director, Akapusi Tuifagalele, said the government is looking at getting a government boat to visit the islands of Kabara, Namuka, Fulaga, Ogea, Vatoa and Ono-i-lau to conduct damage assessments.

Meanwhile, the Fiji Red Cross Society says it's on standby to assist.

The FBC reports operation manager, Eseroma Ledua, says the information they have received is that even though some bridges were closed and some places were flooded, homes were not destroyed.

The Fiji Red Cross Society is also calling on people who wish to donate useful items like blankets and clothing that they are welcomed to do so.

Cyclone Ula is weakening to a category two system south of Fiji and has now turned into a west northwesterly direction on which it is forecast to move for the next three days.

Map tracking Cyclone Ula

Map tracking Cyclone Ula Photo: Fiji Met Service