Businessman accuses PNG police of theft

1:36 pm on 31 December 2015

An Australian businessman, who has lived in Papua New Guinea for 37 years, says he has been robbed of US$3,500 by members of the police mobile squad.

Paul Leach, who is a solar power system installer, says he had just collected a large quantity of money in small denominations, when police removed it from his car late on Christmas Eve after they had unjustifiably stopped him on two occasions in Port Moresby.

He says one of his employees was also beaten by police, who were members of the armed mobile squad.

Mr Leach has written to the police commissioner Gary Baki and expects action to be taken.

"Well I would like to see the six mobile squad police terminated from their employment. You can't have people like this driving around in police cars, in police uniforms, armed, bashing people up and stealing money from them. And also I want the money back. No doubt the money has gone now, they'll have spent it all but if they can't pay it back then it should be deducted from any pay they should get or the police should pay the money."

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Photo: AFP