23 Dec 2015

Samoa co-operation deal takes shape

2:17 pm on 23 December 2015

American Samoa's Director of Commerce Keniseli Lafaele says he's pleased with the progress made in forging an agreement for economic cooperation between Samoa and American Samoa.

A task force has agreed the main areas to be covered in the deal are the trade in goods and services, investment and labour.

Pago Pago Harbour, American Samoa

Pago Pago Harbour, American Samoa Photo: AFP / Michael Runkel / Robert Harding Premium

His counterpart from Samoa, the CEO of the Ministry of Commerce , Labor and Trade, Peseta Margaret Malua, says it will also involve permits for businesses working between the two Samoas.

"We also have an economic co-operation chapter where we will continue to facilitate two Samoa trade fairs, also the private sectors of the two Samoas to work together in building their capacities and sharing information between the private sectors."

Officials of the two Samoas are aiming to come up with a draft agreement by the end of January.