16 Dec 2015

Fiji education reforms impress, challenges remain

8:59 am on 16 December 2015

The UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education says he's impressed with reforms to Fiji's education system but there are still areas that need attention.

Kishore Singh, who's been visiting Fiji, says the country's education laws need updating and teachers need to have a better career path and pay.

He says there is a very high level of political commitment to a new national system of education which aims to overcome the ethnic divide.

But he says more attention needs to go towards improving the quality of teaching.

"There is really a need for stepping up the teaching profession, making it professionally motivated, socially better-esteemed, which is not the case. So there is a need to raise the salary and profile and to try to ensure that best qualified teachers are attracted to the profession and that the career prospectives are available to them which is not the situation."

Kishore Singh says Fiji has an innovative approach to technical and vocational training but industry needs to provide more technical and financial support.