15 Dec 2015

Tuvalu trains more counsellors to combat domestic violence

8:06 am on 15 December 2015

Tuvalu is planning to train up more counsellors to deal with high rates of domestic violence.

The country has a small popluation of just under 10,000 and familiarity and cultural sensitivies mean victims are often reluctant to report cases and seek help.

The Director of Tuvalu's Gender Affairs Department Asita Molotii says efforts are now going in to enforcing the Family Protection Act and providing services for the victims.

She says religious leaders are also being trained up so there are many more people for victims to turn to.

"Confidentiality is one big huge challenge where they don't trust to even share with the counsellors and policemen and that is why we have actually turned to the police to take the lead."

Ms Molotii says a domestic violence unit is being set up within the police force.