10 Dec 2015

Samoan prisoners could get 'family time'

2:51 pm on 10 December 2015

In Samoa, the acting assistant commissioner for Tafaigata prison says allowing more prisoners to spend time with their families during the weekend is one option being considered to stop prisoners escaping.

Sagaga Galu Frost says at the moment, only a select group of inmates have been picked to spend every second weekend with their families.

However Sagaga says this could be changed into a visit every weekend, depending on the prisoners conduct, and whether they follow the strict rules while serving their sentence.

Acting Assistant Commissioner of Tafa'igata Prison, Sagaga Galu Frost.

Acting Assistant Commissioner of Tafa'igata Prison, Sagaga Galu Frost. Photo: RNZI/supplied Tipi

The administration at Tafaigata have been under increasing pressure to tighten security following the recent escape of prisoners from the jail.

The most recent escapees, Lauititi Tualima and Faigame Vaito'elau have been released from police custody and are now back at Tafaigata.

Sagaga says the pair will be locked in their detention cells for 21 days as part of their punishment for escaping.

Three prison officers have been investigated for the escape of Tualima and Vaito'elau.

Sagaga admits the prison officers who were on working on the day the pair escaped did not carry out their duties properly.