25 Nov 2015

Fiji military called to guard alleged assault victim

8:22 am on 25 November 2015

Fiji's military has been called to guard a patient at a hospital in Lautoka who says he was assaulted by police.

FBC News reports that an internet cafe owner from the town, Rajneel Singh, was beaten by police, burnt with a piece of metal and abandoned in a pine plantation.

Mr Singh allegedly found details of plans to destabilise the government on an unattended computer in his cafe, and then called police - who he claims then assaulted him.

The acting police commissioner, Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho, says he has asked for soldiers to guard by Mr Singh's hospital bed because the police have been accused of assault.

Brigadier General Qiliho was appointed acting police commissioner two weeks ago after his predecessor, Ben Groenewald, resigned and left the country citing military interference.

Before the appointment he was the military's land force commander.