13 Nov 2015

Samoa MP dismisses opposition claims

2:59 pm on 13 November 2015

Samoa's Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Faamoetauloa Faale Tumaalii has rubbished claims that the hosting of a week-long environment programme in his constituency was an unlawful practice to influence voters.

Faamoetauloa Faale Tumaalii

Faamoetauloa Faale Tumaalii Photo: RNZI/Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia

The Tautua Samoa opposition leader Palusalue Faapo II says hosting the event was a conflict of interest, and a political tactic to influence voters.

Faamoetauloa says the decision to hold the event in his constituency was the decision of his Ministry, and not him.

He also pointed out there's a new national park at Vaipouli in his constituency, and it made sense to hold it there.

Faamoetauloa has denied the allegations thrown at him.

"I've worked closely with my constituency from day one that I was elected as their representative in Parliament. It's not just this year that I've gone back to my constituency and say, here's something good for us, no, otherwise they would say, you wait until the last year of your term in office and then you come to ask us for our support, no, it doesn't work like that."

Last year the village of Sato'alepai in the Minister's constituency hosted another world environment programme.

Meanwhile, the village will be hosting an 'ava ceremony for the USP graduation, which will be held in Savai'i for the first time.