3 Aug 2015

UN Women toolkit to end violence

1:02 pm on 3 August 2015

A new toolkit developed by UN Women is hoped to help governments, community groups and others to turn an interest in ending violence against women into action.

The region has the worst record of domestic violence in the world with recent figures showing two out of every three women in will experience violence in their lifetime.

UN Women's Pacific Representative, Aleta Miller says the toolkit was developed in response to calls for help from groups and individuals across the region.

"What is really important in responding is that we have solutions coming from the Pacific that work here that are applied to our context. So this resource has come from the grantees they have given us ideas they have given us requests and that is why this was developed in this way for this part of the world."

UN Women's Pacific Representative, Aleta Miller.

UN Women's Pacific Representative, Aleta Miller. Photo: UN PACIFIC WOMEN