CNMI Customs makes biggest drug bust in history

12:13 pm on 29 July 2015

The CNMI's customs division has recorded the biggest illegal drug bust in its history when it intercepted and seized 12 kilograms of methamphetamine or "ice" with an estimated street value of $4.2 million US dollars.

The customs director, Joe Mafnas, says last week's bust happened when customs agents inspected a 40-foot container from China.

The agents worked on the container for six days, sifting through electronic parts, apparel, and found many other contraband items.

An air compressor raised suspicions, and it was cut open to reveal five packages of crystal methamphetamine.

Overstaying Chinese tourists, Yuliu Liu and Zhenlin Fang, were taken to the federal court on Friday to face charges of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute a controlled substance.

CNMI customs seizes methamphetamine

CNMI Customs uncovered $US4.2m worth of "ice" or methamphetamine hidden inside an air compressor. Photo: Saipan Tribune

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