25 Jun 2015

Power poles removed from Tongan roads

7:56 am on 25 June 2015

Authorities in the Tongan islands of Ha'apai are moving at least six utility poles after they were erected in the middle of roads by the electricity provider.

Power poles in the middle of the road

Power poles in the middle of the road Photo: Kaniva Pacific

The Governor of Ha'apai, Mo'ale Finau, says the poles were put there because the roads were cutting through non-government land as they had been constructed without proper surveying.

Mr Finau says he has held an emergency meeting with Tonga Power and aid donors who funded the project and the decision has been made to move the poles before they cause an accident.

"We'll take the poles and move the poles to the edge of the land then I will try and contact the land holders and ask them for permission and for them not to stop the work being progressed. We will have to move the poles away from the street for now because we have to let the traffic flow."

Mr Finau says land holders can legally object to public use of their land.