12 Jun 2015

'Samoan Heroes' book to inspire young Pasifika students

7:56 am on 12 June 2015

The author of a book about high achieving Samoans says he hopes it will inspire Pasifika youth to aim for greatness.

'Samoan Heroes' book by David Riley

'Samoan Heroes' book by David Riley Photo: Supplied

'Samoan Heroes' is a collection of stories which includes contemporary stars Tana Umaga, David Tua, top chef Michael Meredith, neuroscientist Associate Professor Donna Rose Addis and historical figures like chief orator Namulauulu Lauaki Mamoe.

The author of the book, David Riley, who is also a teacher at Tangaroa College in Otara, says he wrote the book to provide more reading material that Pasifika students can relate to.

"I also hope that the book will inspire Pasifika young people as well to know that they can achieve great things just as the people in this book have. The people overcame lots of challenges and failures, and those things helped them to become successful. My other hope is that young people that read it will be inspired to be world class at whatever field they choose."

Mr Riley says he hopes the book can be passed around and enjoyed by different generations.

The book is being officially launched at the Tupu Library in Otara tonight.