3 Jun 2015

Cooks hope chikungunya threat has passed

8:51 pm on 3 June 2015

Health officials in the Cook Islands are hoping a chikungunya outbreak is now under control after hundreds of people have been affected.

The director of Public Health Services Dr Neti Herman says the numbers contracting the virus have been steadily declining since a surge in April, but they are remaining vigilant.

She says in total 596 people have been confirmed with chikungunya this year and health authorities remain concerned at any threat the virus might pose to visitors to the upcoming 50th anniversary of independence celebrations.

"We work very closely with the Ministry of Tourism here, where we have produced pamphlets and posters we have put up at the airport, and when visitors arrive we give them a pamphlet to tell them about chikungunya - mainly the signs and symptoms and also how they could prevent them being bitten by this mosquito."

Dr Neti Herman.