20 May 2015

Niue looks to pineapple to boost local industries

9:40 pm on 20 May 2015

Niue is turning to pineapples in an effort to diversify it's agriculture and support the tourism industry.


Pineapple Photo: Banana Link

The Secretariat of the Pacific Community is assisting Niue in preparing disease-free and hardy fruit.

Technical Project Manager at Niue's Department of Agriculture, Poi Okesene, says pineapples will help increase the resilience of the island's crops while providing for the local hospitality industry.

Mr Okesene says the fruit has many characteristics which suit a sector looking for diversity.

"Pineapple have proven in the past to be a good crop in terms of growing. It suits our environment and it's a crop that you don't need to give a lot of attention in terms of it doesn't use a lot of water. Very minimal pests that attack pineapple."

Niue should receive the first pineapple tops to grow in October.