7 May 2015

Samoa counsellors say communication key to address suicide

1:45 pm on 7 May 2015

A Samoan counselling service is hoping to break down cultural barriers in its efforts to address what it says is an alarming suicide problem.

Although official figures haven't been released, Tua Maalo Tulua from Fa'ataua le ola says she knows of at least 11 suicides over the last three months, 10 of which were youths.

Tua says there is a lack of communication between parents and children.

She says in Samoan culture children are discouraged from speaking up and voicing their concerns.

Tua says parents should make time for their children.

"We have a programme and always talk about that. Family home evenings they need to sit down with the parents and take time to talk with their children and even the children too, make time so they can talk to their parents at evening time, during prayer time."