23 Apr 2015

Sport: Lack of depth a worry for Pacific Oceania Davis Cup team

11:39 am on 23 April 2015

Oceania Tennis says there is a lack of senior men's players coming through the ranks, which could pose a serious problem in the years to come.

The region has been active in the Davis Cup since 1995, but are currently stuck in Asia/Oceania Zone Group Four, the lowest possible level.

The Vice President of Oceania Tennis, Cyrille Mainguy, says the men are reliant on an experienced core of players, including Brett Baudinet from the Cook Islands and Cyril Jacobe from Vanuatu, who have both been competing in the Davis Cup since the turn of the century.

"Whereas the girls team there's actually quite a few of them coming up so it might not be this year or next year but it could be a real issue for the coming years for the men. For Cyril Jacobe, for example, he's already stated that this will be his last Davis Cup, because he's just had a child last year and he's got a new life starting so some of the older players are getting a bit older and we need younger players to come up".

Cyrille Mainguy says there is some talent coming through in the under 12s and 14s grades but they're not yet ready for senior competition.

The Pacific Oceania team flies to Bahrain next week for the Group Four Davis Cup tie against

Bahrain, Bangladesh, Iraq, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Oman, Singapore and the UAE.