23 Apr 2015

Tonga's 'Eua water shortages being addressed

5:08 am on 23 April 2015

The Tonga Water Board says it is working to resolve water shortage issues on 'Eua.

The island has been experiencing water shortages due dry weather, poor filtration systems and low rivers since the beginning of the year.

The Water Board's chief executive officer, Saimone Helu, says it has installed two new Automatic Valveless Gravity filtration systems from New Zealand.

He says it is also found new outlets from streams and water galleries, and will start drilling more bore holes this week.

"That means we will be having more water quantity in the future. We are expecting to drill one bore hole at the Ohonua which is the capital of 'Eua, they will be receiving water from underground. The rest of the country will be receiving water from the stream."

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Photo: RNZ