9 Apr 2015

Kava shortages in Vanuatu might ease

7:14 am on 9 April 2015

The ministry of Agriculture in Vanuatu says it is expecting some respite to Kava shortages in the capital Port Vila once provincial shipping services resume in the country.

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Photo: RNZ

Agriculture minister David Tosul says Kava is an important aspect of social and cultural life for Ni- Vanuatuans as well as a lucrative cash crop for farmers.

He says damage assessment teams from the ministry are currently conducting damage assessments of all food and cash crops in the country and results should be in soon.

"We also, we already deployed all the staff to the islands. They will be coming back very soon with their report and we will see how much Kava have been damaged and also other root crops that have been damaged. Including other tree crops like banana and other fruit trees also."

Minister Tosul says he expects Kava shortages in the capital to cease once boats from Pentecost and Santo which were least affected by cyclone Pam resume regular services.