8 Apr 2015

Indonesia assists Vanuatu post-cyclone

2:12 pm on 8 April 2015

Indonesia's National Disaster Management Agency has delivered assistance to Vanuatu for relief efforts following the devastating Cyclone Pam last month.

Relief supplies worth over two million US dollars were this week flown in to Port Vila.

The leader of the 21-member team delivering Indonesia's relief, Taufile Kafiko, says the delivery of basic supplies follows their basic assessment of local needs during two days in the capital.

"It's like tents, food and tarpaulin and other goods for the people suffering, and we hope this makes friendship."

Mr Kafiko says it's the first time Indonesia has delivered an assistance package to Vanuatu and he hopes there will be more assistance to follow.

Government relations between the two countries have traditionally been cold due to Vanuatu's support for West Papuan self-determination.