Suspended PNG regional police chief taken by surprise

8:08 pm on 7 April 2015

A suspended regional police commander in Papua New Guinea says he was taken completely by surprise to learn of allegations against him.

East New Britain shoreline, Papua New Guinea.

East New Britain shoreline, Papua New Guinea. Photo: RNZI / Johnny Blades

According to Police Internal Affairs, Assistant Police Commissioner Anton Billie of the New Guinea Islands region has been charged with assaulting and insulting five women in East New Britain.

The charges relate to an alleged incident in Kokopo on the night of February 22.

However Mr Billie says he was never informed of an investigation into the allegations which come as a surprise to him.

"They just came out from the blue and then suspended me. I don't know where they get all these statements and allegations from. I wasn't given the chance to explain, so I don't know anything about these allegations until they came and served this suspension notice on me."

Anton Billie says he still hasn't been questioned about the allegations.