13 Mar 2015

Group fights for political rights of US Pacific

5:09 pm on 13 March 2015

An american non-profit group hopes people from US Pacific territories will soon get more political power.

President of the We The People Project, Neil Weare, is a former Guam resident and is trying to bring attention to the rights of territorial residents.

He says his organisation has launced legal action to try and get American Samoans who are regarded as US nationals, to also be regarded as US citizens.

Mr Weare says the people of Guam and the Northern Marianas also need greater powers.

"Once most people hear that there are over 4 million Americans living in the territories and that the territories have among the highest rates of military service of anywhere in the United States. If they are serving and sacrificing to defend democracy overseas, surely they should be able to fully participate in democracy at home."

Mr Weare expects a court decision on American Samoa to be made later in the year.