9 Mar 2015

Squatters in Vanuatu a problem for chiefs

2:04 pm on 9 March 2015

Squatters living on Vanuatu's Efate island are again being targetted by the Vaturisu Council of Chiefs.

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Squatters again face eviction Photo: RNZI Hilaire Bule

The council says the problem is the most urgent item on the agenda of the chiefs' conference this year.

The Deputy Secretary General of Vaturisu, Chief George Sualo, says while most development takes place on Efate Island, land becomes an issue when squatters refuse to move out to give way to development.

Chief Sualo says Vaturisu's 11th conference on Emau Island in May will discuss how to work with the central government to remove all squatters from development sites so that investors can create employment opportunities for young people.