9 Mar 2015

PFF calls for regional response to NZ spying

8:16 am on 9 March 2015

The media group the Pacific Freedom Forum is calling on regional leaders to speak out against the alleged spying by New Zealand.

Waihopai spy base

The Waihopai spy base in Marlborough. Photo: Photo NZ

Its Chairperson Titi Gabi says it is worrying that journalists throughout the Pacific are having their communication details collected and it may have a chilling effect on freedom of expression in the region.

"The PFF's position is that this is a worry for media workers and for Pacific Islanders in general. We just urge all our leaders to speak out against all this so called spying by the New Zealanders. This is worrying and we are not convinced that this is harmless."

Titi Gabi says the PFF commends the Tongan Prime Minister for coming out in the strongest sense on the issue by saying it constitutes a breach of trust between the two countries.