2 Mar 2015

New tool provides picture of China's aid to the Pacific

7:36 pm on 2 March 2015

Details of China's aid to Pacific Island countries has been broken down sector by sector and collated into an interactive map for researchers and policy-makers.

Philippa Brant of the Australian thinktank, the Lowy Institute, has devised the web-based tool which she hopes will also help government officials in the region.

She says the map is a response to the scarcity of information about China's aid programme.

"It's an interactive map that provides information about all of the aid-funded projects that China has funded in the region from 2006 onwards and you can sort the information by country, whether it's a concessional loan or a grant, by the sector, so education or health or infrastructure and also whether or not the project is completed or it's still ongoing."

Philippa Brant of the Sydney-based Lowy Institute.