2 Mar 2015

Sport: Schwalger hopes SRU appointments the start of long-term change

1:18 pm on 2 March 2015

Former test captain Mahonri Schwalger is optimistic that recent appointments at the Samoa Rugby Union will signal the start of wider change.

The 36 year old captained Manu Samoa at the 2011 World Cup but was never selected for the team again after criticising the SRU and team management for their conduct during the tournament.

Faleomavaega Vincent Fepulea'i was appointed interim CEO last month and Namulauulu Alama Ieremia has taken charge of the Union's High Performance Unit.

The SRU also commited to implementing governance, management and financial reforms, following talks with World Rugby.

Mahonri Schwalger hopes this is the start of long-term change.

"I hope guys like that will sort of change things here in Samoa and hopefully they will bring some new people in, some new ideas [and] young guys that can develop the game and have the passion to grow the game here in Samoa, and hopefully Samoan rugby will go back to where they used to be in the last couple of years. We are just sitting around at home and pray that things are going to change. At the end of the day it won't change if you don't have that passion [and] don't have the right people to run the rugby union so I hope so, I hope so".

Mahonri Schwalger says there are too many people with political affiliations involved with running rugby in Samoa at the moment and he doesn't believe politics and sport should mix.