24 Feb 2015

New Pacific approach for World Bank

3:28 pm on 24 February 2015

The World Bank says it wants to be more relevant to Pacific Island countries in a new initiative to produce reports that result in action and do not just sit on shelves gathering dust.

Yasawa Group, Fiji

Yasawa Group, Fiji Photo: AFP

The Bank's Vice President for East Asia and the Pacific, Axel van Trotsenburg, is currently touring the region introducing the concept.

Mr van Trotsenburg says he wants ideas and not organisations to be the drivers of development in the region.

"If you want to improve lives, jobs, opportunities in the island countries, how can ideas be turned around to greater opportunities, what is preventing this. How can we work the area together so that economic and social opportunities are improved."

Mr van Trotsenburg has so far visited Australia, New Zealand and Samoa and is now in Fiji after which he will travel to Tonga