16 Feb 2015

NZ aid sector pushes for robust goals

11:26 am on 16 February 2015

A group representing New Zealand's aid sector is urging the Government to push for robust Sustainable Development Goals when the United Nations meets this week in New York.

The UN is holding negotiations with members to develop the draft goals, known as SDGs, which will build upon the Millennium Development Goals that end this year.

The Council for International Development is the umbrella agency for most of the organisations working in New Zealand's aid sector.

Its director, Wren Green, says there are currently 17 draft goals which countries around the world, including the Pacific, will be encouraged to meet.

"Obviously climate change is a really important one. There's a lot in the goals which the Pacific Island states are going to be very interested in promoting."

Wren Green of the New Zealand Council for International Development.

A man paddles his canoe in Kiribati

Traditional canoe in Kiribati waters Photo: RNZI