13 Feb 2015

CNMI officials oppose repeal of handgun law

4:38 pm on 13 February 2015

[b ] The office of the Attorney General in the Northern Marianas is opposing the repeal of the territory's Weapons Control Act, which outlaws handgun ownership.

This comes as David and Li-Rong Radich seek a summary judgment in a lawsuit against the Department of Public Safety, claiming it denied their second amendment rights to own handguns.

The office of the Attorney General says a favourable ruling by the court would not redress the plaintiffs' alleged injuries.

It also argues the second amendment cannot be interpreted in a manner which is contrary to the intent of the framers of the Covenant.

It added that handguns are not constitutionally protected in the CNMI because handguns have never been used by the law-abiding citizens of the territory for the purpose of self-defense.