12 Feb 2015

Climate change money wanted in Tonga

5:38 pm on 12 February 2015

The National Climate Change Coordinator in Tonga says the country needs more funding if the outer islands are to be protected from the rigours of climate change.

Manu Manuofetoa is hosting a team from Palau which is studying an EU-funded project constructing foreshores in eastern Tongatapu.

Mr Manuofetoa says while the project on the main island has been a great success, the outer islands need to be looked at.

"That's the long-term plan for the ministry. Right now this is the funds available from the EU. That's the only things available to us. That's why we just selected Eastern Tongatapu but that's the long-term plan of the ministry. We are currently knocking on donors doors looking for funds for the outer islands."