12 Feb 2015

Tongan PM's Office hits out at critics

3:08 pm on 12 February 2015

The Office of the Prime Minister in Tonga says criticism of the slow speed of change since the election is political in nature.

The office says they feel obliged to respond to the criticism raised by what they call 'the liberal news media'.

The statement says the views do not seem to represent the majority of the constituents who voted the new government into parliament.

The office says the government is still in its early stages and is no different to other democratic countries where the incoming government must complete the hand-over of services and resources before changes can be made.

The government says such changes are expected to flow into the system together with its new budget in the upcoming financial year, from the 1st of July.

The statement goes on to say that government goals remain unchanged and on course.

In the meantime the Prime Minister's office says it will continue to accept constructive comments and criticism from the public.