9 Feb 2015

Sport: Financial stability an ongoing challenge for PNG Rugby League

11:49 am on 9 February 2015

Rugby League bosses in Papua New Guinea says the game must take charge of its own finances to ensure long term stability.

A record number of affiliates attended the PNGRFL Annual General Meeting at the end of last month, where audited financial statements were presented to the membership for the first time in six years.

Chairman Sandis Tsaka says the administration is working hard to boost revenues but it remains dependant on government support and sponsorship to run programmes.

"We have to give them some confidence that the money they're putting into the game is being put to good use and that we're accountable for the dollars we receive from the corporate partners and the government but most of the challenge for us in the last 14 months, and it's something that the board is addressing seriously, if we can show them we're a credible organisation, better managed and accountable with transparent financial and management practices that hopefully will keep our corporate sponsors and governments to continue their support for the game".

Sandis Tsaka says capitalising on the success of the Kumuls and Hunters brands is one avenue to boost income while the PNGRFL is also rebuilding their assets base in PNG.