9 Feb 2015

Solomons warns against 'bogus agents'

9:46 am on 9 February 2015

The Solomon Islands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade is warning the public about fake agents demanding money from people applying for seasonal work in Australia and New Zealand.

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The ministry says it has been alerted to illegitimate agents requesting money from people interested in doing seasonal work and falsely promising to send them to New Zealand and Australia.

Under the terms of the seasonal work schemes, agents are not permitted to charge any fees to applicants.

In a statement, a ministry spokesperson says people who want to participate in seasonal work overseas should never pay money to any person who promises to give them work under these schemes.

The ministry is warning that anyone claiming to be an agent and who does not have a license is committing fraud and will be referred to the police.

It is advising the public to verify the identity of recruiting agents before dealing with any agent and proceeding with the recruitment process.