6 Feb 2015

Fiji Govt school boards to be dissolved

4:17 pm on 6 February 2015

Fiji's Ministry of Education says the boards of all government schools will be dissolved and all operations will be overseen by the ministry as it seeks to transform them to 'model schools'.

Minister for Education, Mahendra Reddy, says all Government schools, both primary and secondary, need to reflect the vision of the ministry.

Fiji Live reports Dr Reddy saying all boards and committees whose terms have expired will not be renewed while those boards whose terms have not ended have been invited to discuss the new vision with the school heads.

He says the government will ensure that the schools are renovated, ablution blocks improved, and hostels, kitchens and infrastructure upgraded to help them achieve model status.

He says once remodelling of the schools is done, the ministry will either re-instate the boards or scrap them altogether.