4 Feb 2015

Solomon police seize thousands of marijuana plants

8:27 pm on 4 February 2015

Solomon Island police seized around 4500 marijuana plants this week believed to be worth thousands of dollars on the local market.

The plants were being grown along the Barande River in north east Guadalcanal.

4500 Marijuana plants were seized by the RSIPF in a raid on the Guadalcanal plains. Jan 2015. Solomon Islands

4500 Marijuana plants were seized by Solomons Police in a Guadalcanal plains raid. Jan 2015 Photo: RNZI

Police say they noticed an increase in the sale of marijuana in the area with some being transported for sale in the capital and traced it back to the farm.

They are warning the public that anyone found growing, selling or assisting in the trading of illegal drugs can and will be prosecuted.