4 Feb 2015

Sacked Fiji TV executive files official complaint

4:52 pm on 4 February 2015

A sacked manager of Fiji TV has lodged a formal complaints against the country's Attorney General.

Tanya Waqanika, the former Head of Content at Fiji TV, was sacked along with the former CEO, Tevita Gonelevu, during the Government's dispute with the Fiji TV's rugby sevens deal with World Rugby.

Ms Waqanika says the Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, gave Fiji TV a directive.

The former Fiji TV Content Manager Tanya Waqanika.

The former Fiji TV Content Manager Tanya Waqanika. Photo: Fiji TV

The company's Chairman, Nouzab Fareed told the media yesterday that there was no interference from the Attorney General, but Ms Waqanika says she challenges the board members to agree with his statement.

"None of them will confirm what he's saying. They will all need to start speaking up for the truth. Tevita was told in that meeting, and he told me, it's in the 74-page report, that the directive came from the Attorney General, and Fareed said 'You have to go, the AG wants you to go, Tanya'. The problem with Nouzab Fareed, is he's a liar."

Tanya Waqanika says she lodged the complaints with the Legal Practitioners Unit and the police.