2 Feb 2015

Villagers to protest police killing in PNG

4:29 pm on 2 February 2015

Villagers from East Sepik in Papua New Guinea are planning to protest the killing of a 28-year-old man who was shot dead by police during the hunt for a prison escapee.

The newspaper, The National, reports the provincial police commander, Joe Poma, saying a police mobile squad was pursuing the escapee when they shot dead his younger brother.

A Sima village elder, Lesley Uragune, says a truckload of policemen arrived on Wednesday, but the escapee wasn't there.

He says the police met with the man's father and brother and shot the brother in the arm, before shooting him dead as he tried to run down a hill saying he was Jonah, not Jim.

Mr Uragune says the villagers and surrounding communities have decided to hold a peaceful demonstration at the Yangoru police station to show their disapproval of the police action and would petition the local MP, Richard Maru.

Mr Poma has appealed for relatives to remain calm until an investigation is complete.