29 Jan 2015

NCDs still a concern for Cook Islands

8:48 pm on 29 January 2015

The Cook Islands government says Non Communicable Diseases are a concern for the country despite it being one of only two in the region that are on track to achieve all of the eight millennium goals this year.

The Chief of Staff in the Prime Minister's Office, Elizabeth Wright-Koteka, who is responsible for monitoring the country's MDG targets, says addressing NCDs is an important national priority but it is not covered by the MDG agenda.

She says Diabetes, Obesity and High Blood pressure are but a few examples of the lifestyle diseases that affect Cook Islanders.

" There is a big push, you know in our communities for people to change habits, change their lifestyle choices and move towards healthier living. That for us is one of the key challenges in terms of achieving the targets that we have set for ourselves. In tandem with what the MDG targets are."

Elizabeth Wright- Koteka says localising the MDG agenda and working closely with their bilateral and donor partners was the key to Cook Islands success in achieving its MDG targets.